Connecticut State Licensed Arborist
Owner Operated
Member of CT Tree Protective Association (CPTA)


My name is George Bunker owner of 'Glastonbury Tree Care', located at 35 Garland drive Glastonbury, CT 06033. I have been in business servicing my community since 1982. I am and have been a Connecticut State licensed Arborist(# S-4265) for 18 years. We specialize in the safe removal of unwanted, structurally compromised and dangerous trees.

I am a Trained Horticulturist that knows how to turn around cause by effect, either by human error or nature- Environmental Stress to trees. I amend depleted soils using various soil science building techniques. This reintroduces living biology back into a once living 'Soil Food Web' or ecosystem for the maintenance of plant health. In some cases injured or sick trees can be nurtured back onto their roots. I enjoy working with all aspects of Arboriculture, Horticulture and the Land-Care needs of my customers. We always leave every job site clean for every customer we service.

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